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What is the Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient?


Outpatient programs come in many different levels, depending on your needs.

  • Day programs set you up with meetings each week for multiple hours per day, during which time you can participate in things like biofeedback therapy, group counseling, or nutritional therapy. Then you get to return home after the end of each session. Day programs might require multiple hours each day, so working this schedule around your other commitments is essential.
  • Day programs might be combined with specialties like medically supervised detoxification. In these cases, detoxification comes first, followed by a personalized plan with different milestones. This is great for people who still want to perform their daily responsibilities and go to work and need multiple sessions for a few hours each week, such as 12-step programs, relapse prevention education, or biofeedback therapy.
  • Continuing care is an integral part of any recovery, so even after leaving an outpatient treatment program, it is essential to set up ongoing resources that support you and your sobriety, like NA or AA meetings. The more ongoing support you have, the higher the chances of your success long-term. This not only introduces you to sober activities and surrounds you with people who support your decisions to be healthier and happier, but it gives you people to whom you can turn when everyday stress or unexpected surprises arise.

A significant factor in post-recovery success and potential relapse involves the struggles people face when they return to their everyday lives. Their environment might be full of triggers. The friends and family they once associated with might demonstrate a lack of sympathy for their decision to get healthy. Individuals might not know how to socialize soberly. A big part of outpatient treatment is to help change the way you previously thought, the decisions you made so that you can choose healthier activities, be kinder to yourself as you move through your path to recovery, and communicate more efficiently with those around you.

Learning things like coping skills, social skills, positive psychology or emotional health, or developing social support through group meetings can help you better process emotions when they arise, determine whether a thought pattern or action is beneficial for yourself, and make smarter decisions.

What to Expect from an Outpatient Rehab in Louisiana?


When you make the brave decision to get help at our outpatient rehab Louisiana facility, you can expect support and care from a professional staff dedicated to helping you recover beyond just an addiction or a mental health disease: helping you recover neurologically.


You will be greeted by a staff member upon arrival for an assessment. This is an essential part of your recovery with our outpatient treatment center because it helps determine the acceptable range of treatments. With a handful of different FDA-approved therapies, our team will go over your mental health history, your physical history, and history with drug and alcohol abuse, all to get a better understanding of what things you have tried in the past, what things do you need most, and then design a program from there that fits those needs.


The first step for anyone struggling with drug and alcohol abuse would be detox or medically supervised detox. More severe addictions do best with medically assisted detox, where you are under supervision for the duration of your detoxification program. This helps you overcome the withdrawal symptoms in safe, supervised traction where you can get medications to ease any discomfort.


If you do not need detox or have already completed your detox, you move on to your customized therapy routine. With outpatient rehab, Louisiana patients get more flexibility in their schedules. Our facility focuses on therapies that help you correct the issue at the source: the mind and body. By focusing on treatments that target the brain, such as neurofeedback, we can help you undo any structural changes that have been done because of addiction or change the way your brain communicates with you because of a mental health disorder or age. But the brain and body work together, so we also focus on things like NAD and IV infusions to help keep your body healthy and give your brain the nutrition and the power to make those changes.

Ongoing support

After completing your outpatient program, you can get help resolving problems as they arise in everyday life with ongoing education and support groups. Concurrently, you can find the power within yourself to change and lead a fulfilling life.

Our Method


We understand you've probably experienced relapses in the past and that's why we focus on the end game, a drug free life. While it may be hard to imagine, it is possible. Recovery is about re-building your life starting from the ground up. All of the pieces are there for full recovery, yes, a return to a normal brain pattern and normal life. You simply need a workable plan that's proven and doable. We have a customized plan to change your patterns and restore your life.

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