Types of Care at Our Treatment Center in Louisiana


Recover Now offers alcohol and drug treatment in Louisiana. Levels of care provided include:

The detox process is often critical to alcohol treatment in Louisiana or drug treatment for drugs like opioids. Detoxification helps your body remove any remaining compounds and toxins left behind by the drugs or alcohol you have consumed. Flushing your body of these compounds is what brings about the most significant withdrawal symptoms. Thankfully, at our facility, those symptoms can be managed by our team of reliable, caring staff members who can prescribe medications to ease the severity of your symptoms, give you things like IV therapy and nutrition to keep your mind and body as healthy as possible during your recovery and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible until you can return home at the end of your detox.
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With inpatient treatment plans, you are under constant supervision. Most programs last between 30 days and 90 days, during which time you live at the facility and have your entire day scheduled for you with different therapies and holistic treatments to help aid recovery. Outpatient programs are designed with more flexibility. You get to sleep at home and shoulder the responsibility of attending your meetings or appointments at the outpatient treatment center. Part of our outpatient programs extends to medically assisted treatment or MAT. In these situations, your drug treatment in Louisiana might include FDA-approved medications to help diminish your cravings after your detoxification and make it easier for you to manage your recovery from home.
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What Makes Recover Now's Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Louisiana Different?


Recover Now offers different substance abuse treatments Louisiana-based. Our programs include a range of addiction treatment programs, Neuropsychiatric programs, weight loss programs, anti-aging solutions, brain optimization, nutrition, and IV Therapies. Most issues our facility treats center around the mechanisms of the brain. Using insurance-approved, evidence-based techniques, our staff focuses on improving your neurological health, changing your brain functions and health so that your mind and body can perform to their best abilities no matter what your goals.

To achieve this, we offer therapies like:

IV Infusions

These IV infusions can be used as part of your alcohol treatment in Louisiana. Some patients utilize NAD IV infusions to help combat the signs and symptoms of aging. In contrast, others come to our treatment centers in Louisiana to use nutritional IV infusions during the process of recovery.


Neurofeedback is one of the primary brain optimization therapies we offer at our treatment centers. With this type of therapy, you can get a better idea of the neurological blueprint with which you are working, when and where your mind responds to certain stimuli or events, and then learn how to regrow your brain cells, improve communication between your brain and your body, and change the way you neurologically respond to different environments. This type of neurofeedback can increase your long-term recovery success and decrease your risk of relapse.

Withdrawal Treatment and Detox

Anyone looking for drug treatment or alcohol treatment in Louisiana can take advantage of our withdrawal treatment devices and detox. With things like medically-assisted treatment, we can help you through the initial detoxification process in a safe, comfortable fashion and then establish a program that includes behavioral therapies as well as FDA approved medications to limit your cravings, reduce your sentence, and increase your chances of a successful and long-term recovery. Focusing on outpatient procedures, we help you with the flexibility you need to schedule things like IV infusions or neurofeedback appointments. With your uniquely designed program, our team will be here to find a therapy, treatment, or medication that works best for you throughout different stages of your recovery, making modifications to your program that best fit your evolving situation.

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