Why Nutrition Matters in Recovery


Working with a professional, you can get customized nutrition information that might be difficult to find elsewhere or information that you might not realize can help your body. With the proper guidance, you can also develop a plan that integrates things such as IV therapy, behavioral therapy, or addiction recovery. Nutrition and body health are constantly progressing, and with the right strategy, you can adjust the foods you avoid or consume based on those ever-changing needs. Nutritional therapy does not just mean a doctor giving you a list of foods to eat. It means developing an individualized dietary plan to reverse the adverse effects of a bad diet, correct nutritional imbalances, or change deficiencies. Many people are unaware that they have a deficiency, but evaluating symptoms and signs can offer insight into which nutrients should be increased or decreased in everyday food.

An excellent nutritional therapy program will educate you about the scientific principles of how your body functions physiologically and anatomically, what impact different foods have on your body, and what types of minerals and vitamins as well as hydration are necessary to aid things like digestion, blood sugar levels, muscular development, and cognition. Understanding the science behind such foods and cravings can help you determine when, for example, a misunderstood craving for chocolate is indicative of a magnesium deficiency.

The Benefits of a Food Nutrition Program in Louisiana


A Louisiana nutrition program could benefit you in many ways. Nutrition therapy has been shown to help people with hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, even dyslipidemia.


A Louisiana nutrition program might focus on managing your diabetes or reducing the symptoms. For example, a food nutrition program in Louisiana might emphasize portion control or carb counting, techniques to help keep your carb intake consistent so that you do not have to fluctuate blood sugar levels.

Heart Disease

With a food nutrition program in Louisiana, you can reduce your risk factors for heart disease like high blood pressure, triglycerides, or bad cholesterol. Depending on your situation, you might be prescribed a nutritional program that emphasizes a plant-based diet, fruits, and vegetables, or reduced saturated fat, sodium, or cholesterol.

Digestive Issues

Louisiana nutrition programs can help with digestive issues too. With cases of things like Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, or ulcerative colitis, digestive problems can inhibit nutrient absorption leading to weight loss, toxins in the colon, malnutrition, and inflammation. When you work with a reputable center, your team of professionals can make a plan that produces symptoms for your digestive condition, like an elimination diet, to determine which foods trigger symptoms the most.

Kidney Disease

Louisiana nutrition programs work for kidney disease. Studies indicate that your blood does not get adequately filtered when the kidney is untreated. This can lead to kidney failure, bone problems, chronically low levels of iron, calcium, and potassium in the blood. Using a nutritional therapy program, you can learn to limit your intake of certain nutrients like sodium, phosphorus, or potassium or decrease your fluid consumption depending on your stage of kidney disease.


A food nutrition program in Louisiana can help with cancer symptoms. With cancer, abnormal cells in your body divide uncontrollably, and poor appetite is a common symptom of cancer medications or chemotherapy. When you do not have an appetite, you do not consume the foods you should, and this can reduce the health of your overall immune system. What is more, things like radiation treatment can damage the lining in your intestines, making it painful to eat. A high-calorie nutritional shake or a protein and fat-rich diet that is easy to digest might be a good recommendation as part of your nutritional therapy.

Addiction Recovery

Many people might struggle with malnutrition or lack nutritional understanding during addiction recovery. When we do not understand the impact that food, drink, and other substances can have on our bodies, it is hard to appreciate what substances should be consumed or avoided. Ongoing education and aftercare for addiction recovery should include things like nutritional therapy so that you get personalized information on what foods might help you recover most effectively, manage your symptoms or reduce your cravings, and give you the highest chance of long-term success.

Brain Optimization

Nutritional therapy can provide a program that gives you information on what foods best optimize brain function. In certain situations, such as addiction recovery, you might need foods that help regenerate brain cells and encourage neuroplasticity. Having a qualified professional can give you educated information on what food profile changes or hydration changes should be made to reset your cognitive functions and restore them to normal levels.


Many issues associated with aging have to do with the body not getting the same level of vitamins and nutrients it needs. Things like chronic fatigue, memory issues, trouble concentrating, or compromised immune health can simply be indicative of improper nutritional balance in the body. These deficiencies can be rectified with a proper nutrition program, helping you change your diet. Even in otherwise healthy people, who have perfectly healthy diets, minor changes to nutritional profiles can do things like cognitive boost function at a time when that becomes increasingly important.

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Recover Now's Louisiana Nutrition Program


Nutrition therapy is a legitimate, FDA-approved therapy that should be developed and implemented as part of your health program by a healthcare professional like our Recover Now treatment center team. Our team has a thorough understanding of how diet can be used to support different conditions and situations. When we meet with you during a consultation, we will go over your physical and mental health, any substance abuse, and more to determine how a food nutrition program in Louisiana can help you address existing issues and reduce the risk of new issues. This comprehensive assessment gives us the information we need to develop your nutritional diagnosis. With your help, we will create a care plan that considers your goals and what nutrition interventions can help you manage your addiction recovery, weight loss, anti-aging, or other health goals.

Recover Now's Louisiana nutrition program requires an ongoing relationship with follow-up visits to monitor and evaluate any changes to your health, medication changes, and behavioral/lifestyle changes. The program you receive will vary based on individual needs and can range from high protein diets to encourage wound regeneration to reduced-calorie diets for weight loss. In extreme cases, such as with cancer or addiction treatment, part of your nutrition program may include IV therapy as well to prevent malnutrition and ensure you are getting the right overall treatment.

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