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Medication-assisted treatment is a specific form of treatment that focuses on your entire self: mind and body. It integrates medication with your prescribed therapies to help you overcome your opioid addiction or other addiction. Medication-assisted treatment can help sustain recovery and reduce the severity of withdrawal. It is primarily used to treat addiction to opioids, particularly heroin or prescription opioids. Most medications are designed to alleviate physical or physiological cravings. This is particularly useful for people recovering from opioids as the intense cravings can last for months after detoxification making it very difficult to maintain recovery. When a person abuses opioids, they are changing the ways in which the brain and its chemicals primarily function. Due to this, when drug use stops, it can be a challenging time as the body reverts back to functioning without opioids. The medications integrated into medication-assisted treatment help return the brain chemistry to its original state. Some medications block the effects of opioids entirely so that even when people do relapse, the drugs have no impact and aren't worth it anymore.


Reputable recovery from any addiction requires therapy. After your initial detoxification, good rehab programs should include individual and group therapy. Group counseling can take many forms, such as NA or AA meetings or participation in local community groups. Individual counseling might include Psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or life skills. For some, this behavioral therapy extends to anger management, family therapy, or relationship and marriage counseling.


Many medications can be used as part of MAT medical assisted treatment. Each medication used at an MAT treatment near me is approved by the FDA specifically for alcohol and opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The medications prescribed will vary based on what substance abuse you are trying to overcome.

Federal law dictates that anyone receiving medications like these for an MAT opioid treatment program have to undergo counseling as well. Depending on your circumstances, different forms of behavioral therapy, vocational, educational, or medical services might be required.



This particular drug is used for alcohol use disorder, for people in recovery who want to continue avoiding drinking.


This medication blocks any feelings of intoxication or euphoric effects. If you are motivated to prevent a relapse, this drug could help alleviate any positive feelings or intoxication you associate with alcohol consumption.


This drug is most effective for people who have already gone through detoxification and are starting on the next stage of their recovery. For those who drink even a tiny amount of alcohol, this drug will manifest unpleasant side effects like vomiting, nausea, difficulty breathing, chest pains, and headaches in as little as 10 minutes.



This particular drug helps suppress and reduce cravings for opioids. After initial detoxification, many people can struggle with opioid cravings for months.


Methadone helps reduce cravings, significantly reduce withdrawal symptoms, and stop the effects of opioids. If you want to prevent your body from experiencing the positive impacts of opioids to help you avoid using again, this drug might be worth consideration.


This particular drug blocks any sedative or euphoric effects of opioids. For those struggling to stay away from drugs, no longer getting the same high or euphoria can help you stay clean.

The Benefits of MAT Opioid Treatment Program


Addiction is treatable. You or your loved ones can overcome alcohol or drug abuse struggles with the proper access to treatment. Certified facilities can only dispense medications used for MAT treatment for opiate addiction because they are controlled substances. As such, the most significant benefit to using a treatment program is that you get access to drugs that can potentially help you get clean and remain that way. Federal requirements mean that you must get additional behavioral therapy if you enroll in MAT treatment for opiate addiction. This type of therapy often treats underlying causes or contributing factors to substance abuse and addiction. This goes far beyond simply helping you detox from drugs and gives you a better insight into what may have led to drug abuse in the first place and what coping skills you can apply in the future to avoid a relapse.

When you search for "MAT treatment near me," you can get access to a program that helps treat co-occurring disorders. People who struggle with things like alcoholism or opioid addiction are at high risk of struggling with a mental illness. If you have health-related conditions or mental illnesses that are undiagnosed or untreated, this type of program can get you the professional help you need. This might extend to a new medication for things like bipolar disorder, depression, or generalized anxiety disorder. It might also include a range of therapies to address your mental health in addition to behavioral therapies that educate you about addiction and how to avoid it in the future.

We know your addiction didn't start when you began using drugs so we don't just work on getting you clean; we focus on getting you complete, so you can move forward free of addiction. We will help you discover your true purpose and a path forward to a long, healthy life free of drugs and full of potential. At Recover Now, we are committed to helping you get the care you need.

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America has experienced over 1 million drug overdose deaths since 1999. Women are more likely than men to experience a drug overdose, especially among the very young, very old, and minority groups. Our MAT treatment for opiate addiction is here to help everyone, no matter their circumstances.

MAT medical assisted treatment in Louisiana has been shown to aid full recovery from opioids and alcohol. Using both medications and a range of behavioral therapies gives you the highest chance of a complete recovery and a sustained recovery. As you continue through your journey, you can utilize your medication and therapy program to reap many benefits. MAT treatment for opiate addiction can:

  • Decrease your risk of overdose
  • Improve the chances of successfully remaining in your treatment
  • Decrease the use of illegal opioids and criminal activity associated with it
  • Increase your ability to get a job after treatment and maintain it
  • Improve birth rate outcomes for those women who are pregnant or plan to get pregnant
  • Decrease the risk of contracting hepatitis C or HIV

What's more, over 40.3 million people over 12 years of age have dealt with a substance use disorder in the last year. Of those who struggle with things like opioid abuse, only 11% receive any form of treatment. For most who avoid treatment, they do so because of cost. That is why our MAT opioid treatment program is run by a center with insurance-approved therapies. Even in cases where cost is a prohibitive factor, resources are available to help.

Utilizing novel, FDA-approved therapies, no matter the level of care you need, our MAT opioid treatment program can help. Our focus integrates insurance-approved techniques so that recovery and treatment are attainable no matter your situation.

Our treatment focuses on the mechanisms of the brain. Using insurance-approved techniques, the therapies offered at various levels of care at our rehab center are affordable and attainable no matter your situation. Let us work with you to create a customized care plan that facilitates the highest levels of success with medications and behavioral therapies together. Let our team help get you on the proper medications today.