How to Find NAD Therapy for Addiction in Louisiana

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, you have many options for treatment. NAD therapy for addiction in Louisiana is one of them. But what is it, and how does it work?

What is NAD Therapy?

NAD addiction therapy stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Therapy. NAD is an enzyme that occurs in your body, part of the niacin family. Interestingly, Niacin is one of the main components in many pre-workout supplements. The idea is that Niacin helps give you energy and helps you convert your food into cellular energy.

When working out, you might need an extra boost so that you have increased energy to lift heavier weights. When dealing with addiction, you need NAD to improve your physical health.

For example:

  • Your NAD levels repair communication between the cells in your body
  • Your NAD levels help repair broken DNA
  • Your NAD levels help improve brain function
  • Your NAD levels break down your food and convert it to cellular energy

Unfortunately, in situations like addiction, your natural levels of NAD are reduced. Even things like depression, anxiety, and PTSD can reduce your regular levels of NAD. Thankfully, NAD therapy for addiction in Louisiana can use laboratory reproductions and supplement your existing levels of NAD under medical supervision.

With NAD addiction therapy, you get a way to boost your physical health, immune system, and energy levels, all of which contribute to a faster recovery process.

Think about the last time you had a cold or the flu. Chances are you were told to consume fluids or eat healthy foods, usually something like broth which contains a lot of fluid and sodium, and maybe some staple foods like vegetables. The idea behind a NAD addiction program and your parents telling you as a child to eat something healthy so that you have the energy to fight your disease is exactly the same.

What are the Benefits of NAD Therapy?

So what are the benefits of NAD therapy? NAD therapy uses an IV to infuse your bloodstream with NAD slowly. This compound goes directly to your brain so that you get an immediate rush of energy, sufficient enough to help you overcome some of the symptoms you might be battling. These infusions could last anywhere between 4 days and 14 days, depending on your physical health.

This is why having NAD addiction programs under medical supervision is so important; Medical staff can be present to monitor the effects and provide a second or third treatment when the effects from the first wear off.

  • A NAD addiction program can flush the remaining drugs you have in your body by helping to boost your cellular energy. This can be a vital component of your initial detox program, making it easier for your body to move beyond withdrawal symptoms.
  • Similarly, by improving your cellular function and your mood, you can enjoy reduced withdrawal effects as another aspect of your NAD addiction therapy.
  • Cravings are reduced, pain is better managed, and energy is boosted during your detox and immediately after as you transition into the next stage of your recovery.

How to Find NAD Therapy for Addiction in Louisiana

If you are ready to find NAD therapy for addiction in Louisiana, the most crucial step is verifying the facility you are considering offers medically supervised NAD therapy. The right NAD addiction program should include medical supervision.

Different NAD addiction therapy might be offered as part of inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab. Reputable facilities might provide it for both. This can help you integrate NAD addiction therapy programs no matter what type of treatment plan you have.

At Recover Now, our team is here to help. Recover Now is a Louisana rehab center specializing in outpatient care and detox in Broussard. We provide NAD addiction therapy as an integral part of any rehab plan. Our team will work with you when you first arrive to verify whether this is an excellent option to add to your recovery plan. We can help you review what your insurance will cover as well and find ways to cover the cost of NAD therapy if it doesn’t.

We make the process easy. IV treatments can give results that last up to two weeks, depending on your circumstances. Every dose we provide is under medical supervision and can help offset your withdrawal symptoms, especially during detox. This is a viable alternative for people who want to wean themselves off of a stimulant without using other addictive medications. Let Recover Now help you start your NAD therapy for addiction in Louisiana. Contact us today to learn more about our Louisiana NAD Therapy programs.