How to Find Louisiana Addiction Treatment Programs

Choosing a Louisiana addiction center is one of the most critical choices you will ever face. There are thousands of treatment facilities from which to choose, which can make the decision stressful. Where do you begin?

What to Look For in a Rehab Center in Louisiana

When evaluating rehab in Louisiana, remember that your sobriety is essential, and choosing a rehab program that gives you the highest chance of success dramatically contributes to your long-term sobriety. Some rehab centers might simply be better suited to you than other addiction treatments in Louisiana.

Decide on Your Goals

Successful treatment begins with deciding on your goals. Drug and alcohol abuse is a terrible condition that can damage your life and that of your family. However, every Louisiana rehab center will have different specialties. No particular specialty is necessarily better than another; they represent different paths to get you to sobriety.

That is why you need to figure out whether your goal is:

  • A quick detox from a new substance
  • Working to identify what behaviors have led to your addiction time and time again
  • Dual diagnosis to treat medical conditions or mental health problems at the same time

Look at Inpatient vs. Outpatient

There are two main forms of rehab: inpatient and outpatient. The most significant difference is that you stay at the facility for a designated length of time with inpatient Rehab. With outpatient, you go home every night but return to the facility during the day for treatment. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and it’s based on your needs.

Evaluate Specialties and Therapies

Looking at Louisiana addiction treatment, you will see that facilities often differ in their specialties and therapies. Some facilities specialize in dual diagnosis, treating addiction and mental health disorders, while others specialize in medication-assisted rehab from prescription drugs or opioids.

Similarly, different addiction treatment programs in Louisiana might specialize in more holistic treatments in addition to individual and group therapy, including meditation, yoga, or IV nutrition.

How to Find Louisiana Addiction Treatment Programs

Finding Louisiana addiction treatment is easy once you make the brave decision to get help. You can:

  1. Speak with your healthcare provider about rehab in Louisiana
  2. Use addiction resources like
  3. Contact local addiction treatment in Louisiana from city searches

When you are ready to choose your Louisiana rehab center, consider the following:

Meet Your Goals

If you don’t know what your goals are yet, you can speak with a Louisiana addiction treatment center, and their staff will help explain different programs and under which circumstances they might be a good fit. If your initial goal is just to get through a detox process and stay sober for 30 days, an outpatient facility can help you. A more comprehensive inpatient program might be best if you want to remain sober for six months. Speaking with your family and people close to you, as well as medical professionals, can help filter which path will lead you to your goals.

Choose Inpatient vs. Outpatient

Consider speaking with staff about the programs they offer and whether inpatient or outpatient treatment might be best suited for your situation. Inpatient treatment generally has a higher success rate but is more disruptive and expensive. Outpatient treatment is less expensive and allows you to maintain your regular routine, including personal or professional responsibilities.

Pick Specialties and Therapies

Consider speaking with different rehab treatment centers or your doctor to decide which options might be best for you. If you have struggled with addiction before and undergone rehab, you might very well know which specialties or therapy don’t work for you as well, which will help you choose the type of treatments that have a better chance of working this time around.

Why Choose Recover Now for Rehab Treatment in Louisiana

If you are ready to get Louisiana addiction treatment, consider Recover Now.

Recover Now is a Louisana rehab and treatment center. We offer physician-guided rehab options with programs that are effective and confidential. We focus on treating the mind and body as one to achieve long-term results. A big part of that achievement includes life coaching, nutritional care, and other holistic therapies.

We know that your addiction didn’t start the minute you used drugs, so we don’t settle for simply getting you clean. We help you uncover what led to your addiction so that you can move forward free of any mental health struggles, coexisting conditions, or personal problems that inhibit your path toward a long and healthy life.

Let Recovery Now help you get the best rehab treatment for your mind and body.