What is a Medical Detox Center?


Medical detox centers in Louisiana, sometimes called drug detox centers, are facilities where you can safely undergo detoxification and manage your withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision. When you consume any drug, prescription or otherwise, some toxins remain in your system. How long a drug stays in your system after consuming or ingesting it depends entirely on the drug. However, for many people, the process of detoxification can be dangerous and tricky. As the body flushes out the remaining compounds, it can cause severe symptoms and side effects, many of which are so uncomfortable, like hallucinations, cravings, and muscle pain, that people revert to the drug they abused in the first place to make it stop. But that does not have to be the case.

At drug detox centers in Louisiana, you can get medications to halt hallucinations, thwart cravings, and decrease muscle pain. Whatever issues you have can be reduced and managed during the process of withdrawal. In other cases, people might undergo a medical detox treatment to flush their body of harmful compounds like free radicals, age-related compounds, or toxins relating to an unhealthy diet that they now want to change.

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We understand you've probably experienced relapses in the past and that's why we focus on the end game, a drug free life. While it may be hard to imagine, it is possible. Recovery is about re-building your life starting from the ground up. All of the pieces are there for full recovery, yes, a return to a normal brain pattern and normal life. You simply need a workable plan that's proven and doable. Our addiction treatment center in Louisiana has a customized plan to change your patterns and restore your life.

Our Drug Detox Program in Louisiana


Our detox center of Louisiana is designed to give you a safe, comfortable setting in which to overcome your withdrawal symptoms.


When you first enter the facility, you will undergo an assessment. Our detox center of Louisiana focuses on providing a correct assessment to make sure we understand what substances you have used. This is a critical part of your recovery. Knowing what substances you have used, how often, and how much will help our team better prepare to make your detox as painless and comfortable as possible. Without this information, it may take some time for our staff to know what medications might best help you manage symptoms.

Medical Supervision

During drug detox Louisiana patients will be under constant supervision. A big part of this supervision is making sure that you are comfortable and safe. Our medical staff is available at all hours to check on your vitals and monitor your withdrawal symptoms' progress. Everyone undergoes detox slightly differently depending on their physical health, mental health, and drug or alcohol abuse history. Even if you have gone through detox before, this might be an entirely new challenge. For that reason, medical supervision at our detox centers in Louisiana helps to ensure you are safe, monitored, and provided with any medications to ease your symptoms.


Tangentially, medical detox centers in Louisiana are specifically designed to provide you with medications during your detoxification process that best fits your symptoms as they arise. It is impossible to predict what might ultimately manifest during which recovery phases, but when medical staff monitors you, we can give you things like IV nutrition fusions so that your body has all the nutrients it needs to help flush out toxins faster. We can also provide IV therapy to keep you hydrated, combatting the high risk of dehydration that most people struggle with when detoxing at home. Other symptoms can be monitored throughout your withdrawal process, keeping you comfortable and safe.

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