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What is Brain Optimization Therapy?


Brain optimization therapy is a neurotechnical way to improve your cognition. Brain optimization is a form of therapy that challenges your brain to create new brain cells and put them to better use. Optimizing your brain encourages you to think better, do better, and be better.

There are many different forms of brain optimization therapy performed by other facilities. They all work together to map the way your brain functions. It is essential to always have a blueprint for understanding what you are working with, and this is true for your physical and mental health. Being able to map how your brain works and how it responds to different input types can allow doctors and clinicians to determine how your brain functions in the present. From there, connecting your brain to different computers and using various tools for sensory input, doctors can provide information on how to grow new neurons and build better communication and neurological responses. When you understand your cognition, you can know what things trigger you, what environments might inhibit your recovery, and how to respond more effectively to them.

You might also undergo tangential therapies throughout your brain optimization therapy program to improve your overall mind and body health, like IV nutrition therapy. This type of complementary therapy gives your mind and body the essential nutrients it needs to undergo this cognitive process and rebuild new neurons. You cannot effectively rebuild new muscle tissue if you do not have the proper nutrition to support it, just the same as you cannot reconstruct the way your mind works without appropriate nutrients.

Now you know what is brain optimization, but what are the benefits?

The Benefits of Brain Optimization Therapy


Brain therapy can improve many things. Ideally, brain optimization therapy like neurofeedback is a way to help you figure out when your mind is producing undesirable brain waves versus desirable brainwaves, what sounds or sights or environment trigger either. Determining when and where desirable or undesirable brain waves are triggered can help you gain better control over the situation. Over time you can develop new neurons, just like growing new muscle tissue, and train those neurons to produce the desired brain waves to make better decisions and have better communication internally.

Mood Disorders

Many people who struggle with undiagnosed mental health conditions like depression struggle with substance abuse.

  • 32% of people with a mood disorder have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder.
  • 56% of people with bipolar disorder have a lifetime struggle with addiction.

This can be a complex cycle; some people struggle with depression or mood disorders and turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication. Drugs and alcohol can subsequently change the brain's communication, making symptoms like depression or anxiety even worse. As this cycle continues, more substances are needed to achieve the same effect, and more changes to the brain take place.

Some people do not have mood disorders because of genetics or environment, but they develop mood disorders by taking drugs and alcohol. As certain drugs make changes to the brain, repeated exposure to drugs and alcohol can hijack the reward system and communication between different neurons. As drugs or alcohol suppress the reward system, it can lead to mood disorders. Once more, this cycle can be very vicious, with continued changes to the brain structure each time drugs and alcohol are consumed.

Even among those who do not struggle with substance abuse disorder, depression can be exacerbated by many everyday factors. Social disconnection, poor sleep, and a lack of physical activity increased levels of depression, more so in females than males. Brain optimization therapy can help restore the delicate balance between mind and body in any of these situations.


Drugs like cocaine, benzodiazepines, heroin, even prescriptions can affect the reward center in the brain or the communication between the brain and the central nervous system. When this happens, reward circuits would typically respond to pleasurable activities and release positive hormones like dopamine. This forces the brain to repeat those enjoyable tasks to get the same rewards. But when addiction hijacks these pleasure centers or inhibits communication with the rest of the body, naturally occurring elements like GABA. Your brain no longer finds happiness or pleasure in the same rewarding activities, only in drugs. This makes it very difficult to maintain your recovery when things bring you joy don't. Brain optimization therapy can affect how drugs have interfered in your neural connections, helping your mind go back to its original state so that you can find happiness and reward in the same pleasurable activities you once did and make better, more informed choices.

Other Situations

Mood disorders and addiction are not the only reasons you might consider brain optimization. This type of therapy can help you better map your brain, improve the growth of neurons, and improve your brain performance. This type of therapy can be a beneficial component to any form of anti-aging programs or simple lifestyle Improvement programs.

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Our Brain Optimization in Louisiana


If you are searching for "brain optimization near me," consider our Louisiana facility. We believe in a cognitive-centered approach to healing. Using FDA-approved, evidence-based practices, our therapies involved a range of applications designed to treat the changes in your brain, specifically changes that are brought about by drug and alcohol abuse. One of the hardest things for recovering addicts to contend with as they move through their recovery journey is how their mind has been changed by drug and alcohol use.

Our team of professionals will work with you when you first arrive to help you undergo an assessment. During this evaluation, we will get a better idea of your mental health, physical health, background, mood disorders, and history with drug and alcohol abuse. Understanding these components will help us design a customized treatment plan that includes suitable therapies. Brain optimization therapy is a critical component to the long-term statistical likelihood of their recovery for many people.

Relapse is more likely to occur during addiction recovery if you do not have proper addiction education and long-term resources to help you more effectively deal with things like triggers in your environment, deep contributing factors that led to your addiction, or stressful situations moving forward. This type of therapy can educate you on how addiction has changed your brain, give you the tools to improve your cognition, and provide you with more effective ways to cognitively respond to triggers in your environment.

Our facility focuses on neurofeedback therapy. This form of brain training optimizes your performance by helping your brain improve neuroplasticity, developing new brain cells, and encouraging those new brain cells to work at peak performance. This type of technique connects you to a computer through wires and sensors so that our team can monitor your brain activity. By communicating feedback to you through audio and visual signals, we can help you determine when your brain is producing undesirable versus desirable brain waves. Throughout several sessions, you can learn how to self-regulate in any situation and change the brainwaves manifested at any given time to something more desirable.

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